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Side Loader
Side loader means a forklift truck with a fork in the side. And generally we called it side forklift or side loader forklift.
Our side-loader series, CCCD3A and CCCD6 with Hydrodynamic Diesel Engine, which is a kind of modern and efficient material handling vehicle for short distance transportation and it is especially suitable to loading/unloading, stacking and transporting in short distance for various kinds of shaped steel, aluminum product, timber, prefabricated cement, etc. So it is widely used at airports, harbors, docks, stations, warehouses, construction sites and timber storage sites.
With the advanced structure of Italian side-loader and the high performance engine, it offers higher reliability and efficiency. With the fully hydraulic steering device, it is safe, reliable and easy to operate. The carriage platform can tilt 3 degrees upward/downward. The fork carriage can tilt 5 degrees upward /downward. The mast is able to move laterally. They are all controlled by hydraulic system. With an adjustable hydraulic system, the wheels will float freely on uneven ground. It is reliable, durable and easy to operate and maintain.
The Side loader is maneuverable and flexible, giving you safe, fast and efficient loads transportation - saving you space and time.
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