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Muck truck or called garden loader, mini dumper, power barrow are commonly be used in Construction Site, lawn, golf course and private accommodation etc. For instance, in Construction we use muck truck to collect garbage, such as cement, brick, steel scrap etc.; In lawn and golf course, it also can be used for collecting garbage and transport some cargo. In collect garbage, if there is some heavy cargo or private things, which are not easy to be carried, you can use this mini dumper to deliver them. In a word, our TC250 muck truck with 4WD, 5.5hp power is very convenience, and its travel speed is also adjustable as per your detailed demands.

Our TC250 series muck truck s standard configure is 4WD, Honda or B$S engine, 5.5hp, capacity 250kg, With high productivity, built for strength and quality, easy to maintain, simple and safe to use, super quick fit accessories.

There also are some implement s can be installed in muck truck. Such as Skip extension, Flat bed, Skip loading Ramp, Ball hitch attachment for caravans and trailers, Snow Plough, Rear Double wheel for Heavy duty( 1ps Rear Tyre), Turf tyre with Rims (2ps Front Tyre), Turf tyre with Rims (2ps Rear Tyre), Agri tyre with Rims (2ps Front Tyre), Agri tyre with Rims (2ps Rear Tyre).

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