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Nowadays every country wants to enhance their economical strength more strong and powerful that is why almost each country is mainly focusing on

construction of strong infrastructure of entire nation. It is true fact that strong and attractive powerful infrastructure can easily review the economical

development of any country. Here strong infrastructure is referring to construction of good quality roads, and larger buildings.

There are too many objects units together to form good and strong quality roads. Among all objects, it is construction machineries like Asphalt Mixing Plant which plays significant and vital role in providing the strong forms of roads. Asphalt Mixing Plant is equipment in which various raw materials like sand, asphalt, filler, macadam, and dust particles are aggregates and combined together under accurate temperature to form strong and quality form.

Realizing about great importance and value of Asphalt mixing plant in construction of strong infrastructure different manufacturing companies has make their best effort to facilitate the market with various categories of it products.

The asphalt plant with production capacity of 60-240t/h, high automatic, accurate measuring and high reliability is the ideal equipment for construction and maintenance of high-grade highways.

It s an innovation product basing on importing international advanced highway combining the features of highway.

Its key parts such as burner, sensors adopt well-known component. The control system using Siemens programming controller and computer can carry on the automatic and manual control for the weighting, mixing, discharging and so on.

The mixing shaft use alloy cast steel with long service life. The aggregate adopts accumulated measuring, powder and asphalt use alone measuring to make sure precision an reliability of batching.

The hot aggregate and powder use bucket type double-chain elevator with automatic tension device.

The burning system use light oil, heavy oil of coal burner.

The duct collecting system has gravity dust collecting, cyclone dust collecting, water dust collecting or bag dust collecting.

The final products bin has side-set type, bottom set style for user to choose( ton )

Main Feature:
Designed to modular structure and be erected and dismantled quickly, the plant ca be erected initially within three weeks and operational within four
weeks. Much quicker than the competition.

The complete asphalt plant ca be supplied free standing with no foundation, which is the biggest advantage for transferring the plat quickly from site to site.

The rotary dryer support and thrust rollers are manufactured from high temperature resistant nonmetal material which ca reduce transmission

abrasion and noise levels. They are so light that two maintainers are only needed to lift the roller complete with the shaft

The bag filter is cleaned using the reverse air principle. This design results in reduced noise and less maintenance. Compared with pulsing bad filter, it has longer lifetime and dusting level of 20mg/Nm3.

The filler weigh hopper is the latest floating sealing door design which can automatically compensates for wear of the sealing element and ensures there is no leakage.

Compared with competitors equipment ,the mixer is large and has longer mixing cycle in the same outputs. The mixer has a 50% live zone ,this allows for varying mix densities.

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