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Cold Milling Machine
XM Series Cold Milling Machine is one of the main asphalt concrete road maintenance equipment, mainly used for large-scale highways, urban roads, airports, freight yard etc. for renovation of asphalt pavement. One-time removal of entire concrete overly. It can also be used for cleaning protuberance, oil layers, reticulation and vehicle tracks as well as road trench, tunnel excavation, cement road surface roughening and dislocation smoothness. The equipment features advanced performance, high efficiency, simple process, easy control of milling depth, flexible operation, good maneuverability and the old material recycling and utilization. It is ideal equipment for pavement maintenance and renovation.
XM Series Cold Milling Machine
Models: XM100, XM101, XM130, XM200
Max. Milled width: 1020mm, 1020mm, 1300mm, 2000mm.
Max. Milled depth: 120mm, 120mm, 250mm, 320mm.
Travel mode: Tire, Tire, Tire and Track..
Milling drum tools: 84, 84, 112, 168
Milling drum diameter: 660mm, 660mm, 860mm, 980mm.
Engine model: YC6108ZG, D6114ZGB, C6121ZLG, BF8M1015.
Rated power: 115kw, 125kw, 160kw, 419kw.
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