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Reach Stacker
A reach stacker is one of the most flexible handling solutions weather to operate a small terminal or a medium sized port.
Reach stackers are able to transport a container in short distances very quickly and pile them in various rows depending on its access.
Reach stackers have gained ground in container handling in most markets because of their flexibility and higher stacking and storage capacity when compared to lift trucks. Using reach stackers container blocks can be kept 4-deep due to the second row access. Aisles between container blocks can also be kept narrower than with lift trucks, thus improving space utilization.
There are also empty stackers that are used only for handling empty containers.
Our high quality RSC45-5(M) container reach stacker incorporates the advantages of several overseas products and also has original patented technologies. With accurate and harmonious cooperation of multiple systems, the machine can carry out container transport and stacking jobs efficiently and smartly. This machine applies to 20 foot and 40 foot standard containers and its max. Rated hoisting capacity is 45t.
RSC45-5(M) Container reach stacker Feature:
Advanced load sensitive electro proportional control system.
CAN bus communication system
Automatic multi safety protection system
Double option between imported and independently developed spreader
Operation by centralized handle
Graphics context LCD
Patented power mobile cab and counterweight
RSC45-5(M) reach stacker Construction:
1. Power System
DANA Clark transmission (USA) and Kessler heavy-loaded driving axle (Germany) bring stable transmission, convenient auto/manual shift, safe and reliable service/parking brake, and no maintenance.
2. Boom & Carriage Systems
The boom and the carriage are of box welded structure, bear sufficient strength and stiffness against the longitudinal, horizontal and tensional loads and sound toughness against the impact, and are reasonably designed and easy to be checked and maintained.
3. Hydraulic System
Advanced load sensing electro-proportional control system contributes to stepless speed governing, excellent operation performance, energy saving and loss reduction, and hence brings outstanding hoisting capacity, small impact, and rapid lifting speed.
4. Electric Control System
Advanced CAN communication system brings high reliability, sound antigambling, and rapid response. Humanized and intelligentized design contributes to comfortable operation. 
5. Spreader
ELME817 spreader (Swiss) and SANY SDJ450 spreader are optional, all of which have strong motion function, strong security protection, and can meet your actual need at the maximum.
6. Cab
Comfortable and roomy cab, concentrated handle, display screen, well-arranged switches, silicone oil damper, and suspended seat can ease the operator s tiredness in the maximum. The audible and visual alarm device can monitor the overall working state in real time. And the patented dynamics-optional mobile cab provides a good visibility and is easy for maintenance.
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