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XCMG LW1100KN skip loader

    Rated load: 10.0t
    Bucket capacity:5.5m³
    Operating weight:35t
    Engine: Cummins 298kw


    Produced by the Ameriacn CUMMINS QSX15, turbocharged, air to air intercooler electronically controlled engine, electric start, electric flame, long life; advanced and reliable all-round elastic suspension powertrain, with strong power, adaptability, etc.; air filter with double filtration system, greatly improving the machine in a dusty environment, operational reliability, to meet the harsh environmental needs.
    Torque converter gearbox
    Bivariate company 4WG310 imported ZF electro-hydraulic control automatic gearbox, the top four after three stalls, electrical control gear for the job situation is complex and requires frequent commutation traveling loaders, which can effectively improve the economy and engine life, with KD file features that simplify the driver operated, effectively reducing the strength of the driver's operation. improve work efficiency and economy, can effectively protect the transmission components, and to ensure the safe use of loaders.
    drive axle
    Drive axle with German Kaisi Lan company Wet drive axle. Rigid front axle, rear axle center swing ┬▒ 12 ┬░, reducing the additional torque and external loads on the transmission of shocks, a key block construction machinery shaft, strong impact, power transmission and high reliability. Using 29.5-25 tire, plus after bridge can swing around the center, so it has good off-road performance and passing performance, adapt to driving on bumpy roads and jobs
    hydraulic system
    Load-sensing hydraulic system, the pump output flow rate can be adjusted as needed, to avoid pressure overflow losses can reduce fuel consumption and reduce system heat, critical components selection and matching adopt international cooperation to ensure a reasonable match machine design and parts reliability.
    braking system
    Fully hydraulic wet brake, low voltage protection, emergency brake and parking brake combo, fast response, stable, safe, reliable, maintenance-free, etc., brake principle design and parts selection, also with internationally renowned system dynamic components Vendor Micro cooperation to ensure operator safety.
    4.2 Products configuration

    No. Name Model Manufactuer
    1 Engine QSX15 Cummins
    2 Front frame 1000K XCMG
    3 Rear frame 1000K.6 XCMG
    4 Tansmission 4WG310 Germany
    6 Drive Axle front D102PL340/527-NLB(F) KAISILE
    rear D102PL340/527-NLB(R)
    7 distribution valve M402LS Parker
    8 operating oil pump P2105R
    9 steering oil pump P2145R
    10 steering gear 0SPBX200 Sauer