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XCMG LW700K tractor loaders

    Rated load: 7t
    Bucket capacity: 4.2m³
    Operating weight:23.5t
    Engine: Cummins 216kw

    XCMGs Loader series products won the "Chinese famous brand products".

    LW700K tractor loader for sale is a new generation of full build wheel loader especially suitable for the working condition of overloading of the K series loader dominant model, in the absorption of the introduction of foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology at the same time, by the broad market and technology research and development and design of a new type of loader.This machine can meet the requirements of high strength and continuous operation, in, comfort, safety, reliability, maintainability, and have significant improve work efficiency, won a good market.Main characteristics are as follows:
    1.Power system
    Original imported Cummins QSMII engine with electronic injection,turbocharging,charge air cooler,electrical start,electrical power off meets polution standard Europ&US TIER-III.
    LW700K adopts original imported ZF-4WG electrical control transmission.It has 4 front and 3 reverse shifts and electrical control shifting and it has KD function which can improve working and economical efficiency. It also has protection function of starting at neutral gear.
    LW700K has strong ability and can completely meet power request.The settlement of front 4 and rear 3 transmission can improve the using life at the complicated working condition.It has idle protect function and it can also protect all the components working safely.It has enforceably low shift changing funtion which can simplify operating by driver so reducing driver working strength.
    C.Driving axle
    The original imported ZF wet axle with limited slip differential and maintenance free wet brake disc increases service life of the axle.The rear axle center swing reducing the additional torque and load on the impact of the transmission system.The key block construction machinery transmission has strong shaft impact resistant ability and dynamic transfer characteristics of the high reliability.
    2.Hydrauclic system
    Working hydraulic system and power steering system has double pump Confluence of technology which can reduce loss of engine power.
    Steering system USES the flow amplifier system and has hydraulic limite device.The Pilot hydraulic controling system makes operating freely and reduce working strength of driver.
    3.Brake system
    Full hydraulic wet brake system,low pressure protction,2 in 1 of emergency brake&parking brake make you safe.
    Germany Rexroth components improve reliability of the whole system.
    4.Cabina nd control system.
    LW700K adopts new separated type luxury cabin and it has big operating space,wid sphere vision.Bigger front and rear window make the vision wide.UV colored glass,Silk screen printing sunscreen,sound insulation cabin,warm and cool air conditioner,luxury seat and reasonable gauges make working comfortable.
    5.Easy to maintain.
    All kinds of hydraulic and lubricatioin oil level checking are located easily approaching.Air filter and electronic devides examining and replacing are reaily operated.
    Front and rear frame layout reasonably.Structure is compendious which reduce irregular weldment and enhance affording ability of torsion and impact load under various working conditions.
    Enlarge the distance of articulating pin whch can scatter forces and extend working life.
    Adopt  DOUBLE-ROW TAPERED ROLLER BEARING at articulating pin which can enlarge bearing force and moving stability.
    The rigidity of frame is good.It supply a massy seat for arma dn hydraulic which can absorb srong torque,impact and working force.
    7.Working device and bucket.
    Working device by the optimization design, using the single rocker arm, short rod, horizontal movable arm cylinder type Z inversion of six connecting rod structure, which has excellent operating performance and operating efficiency.
    With functions of bucket automatic flat at any position, No need to adjust the state of the bucket shovel when loading again without adjustment, simplifies the driver operating.
    All point of hinge pin shaft lubrication using dustproof structure, which can effectively dust and pollution, protect the grease from the hinge pin and bushing provides a reliable protection.
    Bucket main easy wear parts adopt special wear-resistant plate making, bucket long service life.
    8.Centralized lubrication system (Germany baker)
    Centralized lubrication system, which using appropriate pump pressure, timing, quantitative pumping grease to all lubricating points, guarantee the friction pair to maintain reliable and plenty of oil film, the normal operation of persistent.
    Centralized lubrication system mainly includes: for the system to provide the grease and power sources of electric pump, automatic controller to control the whole lubricating system, limit the system pressure relief valve, a reasonable allocation of grease distributor, as well as the mandatory switch, piping and connectors, etc.
    Automatic controller with a timer, the machine start after start timing, when to set point injection cycle began injecting grease.If the machine to stop the CPU to save data automatically, starts no longer time again next time, and to the cumulative time, lest cause insufficient lubrication because of working time is less than the cycle.Injection cycle and filling time can be adjusted on the pump control panel.
    Artificial filling grease lubrication system overcomes the intensity of labor is big, and lubricating oil filling quantity, the shortcomings of time interval is not easy to control.
    9.Reversing image
    Advanced reversing visual device for the pilot work has provided a broad rear view vision, has provided reliable assurance for safe operation.


    Item Unit Specification
    Working performance
    Rated load t 7
    Bucket capacity m3 4.2
    Dumping clearance mm 3200
    Dumping reach mm 1300
    Max. breakout force kN 200
    Time for boom raising s 6
    Total hydraulic cycle time s 10.8
    Travelling performance
    Max. traction force kN -
    Min. turning radius (bucket edge) mm 5950(To tire center)
    Max. travel speed km/h 40
    Operating weight t 23.5
    Overall dimensions(LWH) mm 890032003600
    Wheel base mm 3450
    Engine model
    Cummins QSM11-C290
    Rated power/speed kW/rpm 216/2100