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XZ400 Horizontal Direction Drilling

    Main structure and functions:

         XZ400 Horizontal directional drilling rig is consist of chassis, power head, drill rack, anchoring device, engine system, jaw vise(clamp), hydraulic system, electrical system, slurry system and so on.


         The chassis includes the frame and the left, right walking device, which bolted together by high strength bolts, in the rear of machine body has hydraulic leg. Speed reducer adopts built-in planetary reducer (including motor), low running noise, large output torque, compact structure. The machine travel adopt rubber track block, which guarantee to least damager to the road surface, lawn, and scenic spot

    2,engine system

         Engine adopt dongfeng Cummins engine 6CTA8.3-C240 turbo charging engine with rated power 179kW/2200rpm,equipped with Blowing type water radiator

    3,power head

         Power head is the main driving mechanism of the drilling rig, adopting double hydraulic motor paralleled driving the power head and input gear and rack, through the first class gear of the power head speed down and transmit the power to the drill collar.

    4,drill rack

         Drill rack is welded by high strength concrete-filled square steel; the angle adjusting is acted by the rear oil cylinder, the push-pull device of the power head will work through the hydraulic motor drive the Gear and rack

    5,Simple anchoring

         Smaller anchor seat, the operation is simple and convenient


         Floating clamp Can effectively reduce the thread abrasion of the drill pipe, prolong the service life of drill pipe.

    7,electrical system

         Main control function; engine and monitoring system, mud pump, clamp, power head rotary boosting, power heads push-pull boosting and so on. It is consist of left and right console, auxiliary console, relay box, each sensor connector, diode stack, all kinds of display devices, wiring harness and so on.

    8,hydraulic system

         Hydraulic pump adopt gear pump and gear pump sets installed in the PTO force-fetching port. The power head rotary and pull-push are driven by different oil pump, avoid, each operation influence each other during pipe laying operations, The key hydraulic components are well-known famous companies products, which improve product reliability.

    9,slurry system

         The accessories mud pump is driven by the hydraulic motor, you can manually change pump water yield according to the construction requirements.


    1,drilling stem, drilling tool

    Drilling stem: Hebei xuanhuan or wuxi shuangma

    Back reamer: cutting expanding type, extrusion type, the diameter is from 200mm to 1000mm

    2,pilot system

    Adopting wireless direction control system, DCI guide system is optional.

    3,The slurry mixing system

    The slurry mixing system include engine, sump pump, mud pump, Bentonite mixing device, mud tank capacity has 3m3 or 5m3 for selection. The users can select according to your requirements.

    Accessories documents:

    Packing list

    Product certification

    User manual

    User manual of 6CTA8.3-C240 engine

    User manual of Mud pump BWF-450


    XZ400_40TON HDD horizontal drilling rig

         XZ400 is 40tond HDD horizontal drilling rig, it has compact structure,nice appearance, main performance and features has reached the international advanced level. The main parts, matching pieces of selected domestic and international famous brand products, main parts and auxiliary parts adopts worldwide famous brands, good performance, and stable working condition, durable and reliable.

    Technician performance:

    Strong power:adopt Cummins 178kW diesel engine, With Turbine torque increasing function, ensure the drill complete the pipe laying operation in all kinds of complicated geological conditions.

    Dual speed power head:  low speed drilling in and back pulling,ensure the smooth construction;no-load go and back for assembling and disassembling the drill rod, the power head will speed up slide, reduce the auxiliary time, improve work efficiency.

    Steel track: can adapt to all kinds of muddy roads.

    Floating jaw vice with patent technology, it can effectively prolong the floating vice life

    Rotary operation table: Increase operator scope, reduce operator fatigue, To make the rig operation more simple and comfortable

    Easy operation:independently operate the power head rotation and power head push pull, the operation is convenient and simple. Operator can grasp the drilling operations through relatively short time training.

    Convenient maintenance: Engine cover has reasonable design, engine maintenance and replacement of hydraulic system filter element are simple and convenient

    Main parameters:





    Dongfeng Cummins



    Rated power

    179kW/2200 rpm

    Thrusting and pull back


    Double motor and gear rack type

    Max. pulling back /thrusting force

    400kN /400kN

    Power head speed




    Motor driving and gear transmission

    Max. torque of power head


    speed of power head


    Drill rod


    Standard API drill rod


    f73mm enhanced

    Length (single rod)


    Dril rack


    Box shape

    Adjusting angle


    Travel driving


    Steel crawler self-propelled

    Travel speed

    1.4 km/h

    Mud pump


    Hydraulic driving


    450 L/min


    7000x2170x2450 mm



    Main equipment


    Dongfeng Cummins engine

    Main pump

    USA SAUER (imported)

    Rotation motor





    Hubei xianning

    Speed reducer

    Dongming Korea

    Mud pump