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RP902 Multi-Function Asphalt Paver

    Main Features:

    l Driving system with dual control for the right and the left tracks separately and the automatic-computer-control technology ensure the paving speed constantly.

    l Adopted with an advanced, mature, reliable and powerful DEUTZ BF6M1013E diesel engine.

    l The fixed Three-in-one hyper-power thermal exchanger discharges the heat compulsively and concentrative, so the paver can operate continuously under the condition of 50 degree centigrade for a long time.

    l Four sets of separate full hydraulic transmission are adopted in the conveyor auger system both on the right and left sides; and the ultra sonic sensor technology control material level constantly.

    l Material augers can move up and down expediently, so as to adapt different paving thickness and reduce material segregation.

    l The electric auto-leveling technology ensure the qualified smoothness.

    l The technologies of dual tamper bars, eccentric vibrators and electric-heating system are adopted in the hydraulic extension screed to gain the highest pre-compacted density.

    l Conveyor bottom plates, distributing augers, and screed bottom plates are made of high wearing-resistant alloy and imported wearing-resistant material to prolong the service life.

    l Control panel shows directly and clearly all working parameter, and could be mounted either on right or left side.

    l The mobile auto-leveling reference beam and contactless ultra sonic sensors could be available as an option.