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RP952 Multi-Function Asphalt Paver


    RP952 Multi-function Asphalt Concrete Paver

    RP952 Multi-function paver is a construction machine mainly used for the paving project on the road base and surface for high way of various kind of material with the reliable performance and the high performance-price ratio. This type of machine has the most advanced technology, such as full-hydraulic-driving and computer-controlling system, ultra sonic sensor, electric auto leveling system, dual-tamper, ect., which makes the complete machine work stable at speed, uniformly material flow, high pre-compaction, good smoothness, easy and convenient operation. All the key parts are purchased from international manufactures to ensure the complete machine with the same quality and reliability as that of imported machine. Therefore, RP952 becomes the ideal equipment for the paving job on stabilized soil for road base and asphalt concrete for road surface.

    Main Features:

    l Driving system with dual control for the right and the left tracks separately and the automatic-computer-control technology ensure the paving speed constantly.

    l Adopted with an advanced, mature, reliable and powerful D6114ZG1B diesel engine(power is 140kw), the 160kw is optional.

    l The fixed two-in-one strong-power thermal exchanger discharges the heat compulsively and concentrative, so the paver can operate continuously under the condition of 50degree centigrade for a long time

    l Four sets of separate full hydraulic transmissions are adopted in the conveyor-auger system both on the right and left sides, ad the ultra sonic sensor technology controls material level constantly.

    l Material augers can move up and down expediently to adapt different paving thickness and reduce material segregation.

    l Conveyor bottom plates, distributing augers and screed bottom plates are made of high wearing-resistant alloy and imported wearing-resistant material to prolong the service life.

    l The technologies of dual tamper bars and gas-heating system are configured in the screed.

    l The mobile auto-leveling system composes of two Grade Controller and one slope Controller, which makes the good smoothness.

    l The removable control panel shows directly and clearly all working functions paving, travelling speed, and could be mounted on either right or left side.

    l Centralized lubricating system ensures automatic and even lubricant feeding to bearings in high temperature.

    l The complete machine features with high automation easy and convenient operation, excellent construction performance with high efficiency.