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RP902E asphalt concrete paver


    RP902E asphalt concrete paver

    Main feature:

    •Feeding technology: reliable and endurable
    Large range of the clearance adjusting of the separate rod (330-480mm) meets the requirements of different paving conditions and reduces the segregation along the height direction.
    It adopts F420X360 large diameter and coarse pitch blade, reducing the rpm and segregation.
    Two reverse blades in material separate box reduce the medium segregation area.
    •Center cooling technology: advanced and unique
    With the optimized configuration and optimal cooling performance, the combined cooling water tank is 50% large than the standard water tank of the diesel engine, which could ensure the machine working constantly in high temperature.
    The diesel engine and the cooling system adopt the unique closing structure.
    The heat of the machine is discharged forcefully.
    •Screed technology: mature and reliable
    The most mature and reliable screed
    The screed devices are of many kinds and multiple functions, and the optimal screed is selected according to the requirement of the user.
    Dual-vibrating mechanisms could get the excellent compaction on the stabilized material.
    The stepless and adjustable vibrating frequency could meet the requirements of various conditions.
    Electric heating or gas heating is selected according to the requirement of the user.
    •Precise allocation
    The key parts adopt the high strength materials: the bottom plate and protective devices adopt the imported high endurance steel plate from Germany.
    High reliable power and transmission.
    RP951A/RP902 is equipped with Deutz BF6M1013E engine, 137KW; RP952 is equipped with Shangchai D6114 diesel engine, 140kW; and the optimal is162kW. They could meet the requirements of different users.
    •Advanced technology
    Triune travel and drive device features high reliability and convenient service.
    One machine, multiple applications. It can pave the asphalt mixture, lime-flyash soil and stabilizing soil.
    •Simple operation
    The control system adopts micro-computer controlling, featuring simplicity and convenience.
    All control components are installed on the instrument box, easy to access.
    The seat could be moved to outside featuring excellent visibility.
    •Easy maintenance
    Integrated lubrication device prolongs the service life of the bearings on the positions in high temperature, and reduces the maintenance work.
    The diesel engine hood adopts the spring lifting, which is easy for service; the cabin adopts the spring to descend and lift up, which is easy for transportation.
    The side hood and diesel engine hood are easy to open, and the components often maintained are easy to access.
    The pressure-testing points are distributed reasonably, and easy and rapid to measure