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RP602L asphalt concrete paver


    RP602L asphalt concrete paver

    RP602L is a tyre type paver featuring good maneuverability, high speed and large traction force. It can meet different paving requirements, and the paving width can be stepless adjusted from 2.5m to 6.0m. It is mainly used for the maintenance of traffic roads, airports, loading ports,squares, dams and road paving operations. It possesses powerful tractive force and good appendiculate performance. It is especially suitable for paving the asphalt concrete materials, and it is an ideal equipment for the construction and maintenance of highways of high grade and municipal roads.

    Main Features:

    (1) Reliable drive system

    (2) High-efficient material transmission and separation system

    (3) Powerful dynamic system

    (4) Advanced screed plate technology

    (5) Smart body and easy operation

    (6) Outstanding performance and wide application