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LIUGONG ZL30E Wheel Loader

                                                     ZL30E LIUGONG Wheel Loader
    Excellent productivity
    Powerful breakout & traction force
    Advanced full hydraulic steering system
    Comfortable cab with air conditioner
    Fasth ydraulic cyde time
    High dump clearance
    Forward (Gear 1) 0~10 km/h
    Forward (Gear 2) 0~33 km/h
    Reverse (Gear 1) 0~13 km/h

    Torque converter
    Type Double Turbine
    Torque ratio 4.1

    Type Planetary type, clutch with multiple discs, full power shift, force to lubricate
    Pressure of transmission 1.1~1.5 MPa

    Driving Axle
    Major reducer - Type Spiral bevel,1-stage reduction
    Major reducer - Speed ratio 5.286
    Final reducer - Type 1-stage planetary reduction
    Final reducer - Speed tatio 3.667

    Type Articulated frame,full hydraulic power system, full-flow filtering
    Steering angle 40 '
    Setting pressure 14 MPa
    Flow 106l/min@1680rpm

    Parameters for Entire Loader
    Bucket capacity 1.7 m3
    Rated Load 3000 kg
    Rated power 92 kW
    Operating weight 10500 kg

    Driving brake Caliper discs, air-hydraulic actuated on all four wheel
    Parking brake Shoe-braker, applied by manual/air control
    Emergency brakes Using parking brake, applied by air pressure control
    Maximum oil pressure 12 MPa
    Air pressure 0.71~0.784 MPa

    Hydraulic system
    Working pump CBG3100
    Flow of working pump 205 L/min
    Control valve FPF32
    Type Double valve
    Setting pressure 16.0 MPa
    Hydraulic cycle time - Raise 5.0 s
    Hydraulic cycle time - Dump 1.2 s
    Hydraulic cycle time - Lower(empty,float down) 2.5 s
    Hydraulic cycle time - Total 8.7 s

    Coolant 35 L
    Fuel tank 150 L
    Crankcase 15 L
    Torque conerter/transmission 45 L
    Front axle 18 L
    Rear axle 18 L
    Hydraulic tank 150 L
    Brake system 2 L

    Model YC6108G
    Type Water-coolde, l-arrangement, direct injection,4-stroke diesel engine
    Number of cylinder 6
    Bore * Stroke 108 * 125 mm
    Displacement 6.87 L
    Rated Power 92kW(123ph)
    Rated Rotate Speed 2200 rpm
    Max. Torque 465N.m/1400rpm
    Fuel consumption 235 g/kW.h
    Governor Centrifugal, all speed governor
    Cooling System Forced circulation by centrifugal pump, pusher type fan