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LIUGONG CLG888 Wheel Loader

                               CLG888 LIUGONG Wheel Loader
    Cummins engine with low noise,low eirission and high efficiency integrated engine hood can be opened  backward
    ZF transmission with semi-automatic electro-hydraulic shift control system and "KD" function,ZF axles limited slip differential locks and wet type multl-disc brake
    ROPS/FOPS cab with a panoramic visibility equipped with electronic surveillance system and adjustable steering wheel
    Rated Power 213kW(310hp)@2100rpm
    Peak Torque 1426Nm@1300rpm
    Displacement 10.8 L
    Cylinders-Bore * Stroke 6-125*147 mm

    Type Counter shaft-type power shifr,semi-automatic electrical hydraulic shift control
    Converter Single-stage, Single-phase,Three elements torque converter
    Travel Speeds(Forward Gear 1 ) 7.3 km/h
    Travel Speeds(Forward Gear 2) 12 km/h
    Travel Speeds(Forward Gear 3) 24.5 km/h
    Travel Speeds(Forward Gear 4) 35 km/h
    Travel Speeds(Reverse Gear 1 ) 7.3 km/h
    Travel Speeds(Reverse Gear 2 ) 12 km/h
    Travel Speeds(Reverse Gear 3 ) 24.5 km/h

    Steeling Articulated frame, full hydraulic power with flow-amplified system,full-flow filtering

    Axles ZF AP420/R Self-locking differentials and wet multi-disc brakes

    Brakes Full hydraulic wet-disc barking
    Service brakes All wheels use wet multi-disc brakes
    Parking brakes Shoe-type brake, operator applies electrionic-control
    Emergency brakes Using parking brake, the brake will automatically/manually apply. Equipped with braking low-pressure warming and flameout emergency braking warming system

    Parameters for Entire Loader
    Bucket capacity 4.5 m3
    Rated Load 8000 kg
    Rated Power 213kW(310hp)
    Operating Weight 28500 kg

    Hydraulic system
    Rellef valve setting 20.7 MPa
    Hydraulic cycle time, rated load in bucket(in secinde) - Ralse 6.3
    Hydraulic cycle time, rated load in bucket(in secinde) - Dump 1.5
    Hydraulic cycle time, rated load in bucket(in secinde) - Lower(empty,float down) 3.8
    Hydraulic cycle time, rated load in bucket(in secinde) - Total 11.6

    Fuel tank 445 L
    Hydraulic tank 250 L

    Tires 29.5~25

    Gear1 7.3

    Overall data
    Operating Weight 28500 kg
    Bucket capacity 4.5 m3
    Breakout force 260 kN
    Rated Load 8000 kg
    Maximum traction 260 kN
    Grade ability 30 '
    Breakout force 260 kN