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CT45 Excavator
    (Click the " Download Manual " to see detailed Specifications)


  • American made A23W00 engine delivers 32KW of power at 22000 RPM and complies with EU emission control guidelines
  • Dual pump and dual circuit hydraulic system
  • On-line digital monitoring and control system
  • GPS satellite position(optional)and remote diagnostic system(optional)
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed cab built with comfort and pilot efficiency in mind
  • Air conditioned and heated cab for pilot comfort in all weather conditions
  • Japan made KYB main pump, multi-circuit valve, swing motor, walking motor
  • America made engine CUMMINS A2300(4-88X94)
  • Rubber pedrail or steel pedrail
  • South Korean manufactured gasoline tank
  • Specifications

    Operating weight

    4.200 KG

    Travel speed


    Bucket Capacity


    Tracking force


    Engine power




    Swing speed


    Bucket digging force

    23.7 kn

    Ground Pressure


    Arm digging force

    20.4 kn



    Working Range

    MAX digging radius

    5.530 mm

    MAX digging radius at ground level

    5.420 mm

    MAX digging depth

    3.405 mm

    MAX vertical wall digging depth


    MAX digging height

    5.030 mm

    MAX dumping height

    3.410 mm

    MAX dozer cutting depth

    380 mm

    MAX dozer lifting height

    255 mm



    Hydraulic System

    Main Pump Type

    Axial Piston Pump & Gear Pump

    Flow / Pressure

    45.8*2+37 l/MIN @ 2.200 RPM / 22MPA

    Pilot Pump Type

    Gear Pump

    Flow / Pressure

    10.8 L/min @ 2.200 rpm /4.9 mpa

    Swing Motor Setting Pressure