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320D/320DL Excavator




    Engine Model
    Cat® C6.4ACERTTM
    Net Flywheel Power
    Net Power-ISO 9249
    102mm/4.02 in
    130mm/5.12 in
    6.37L/389 in3
    Cat® C6.4 meets low exhaust emissions equivalent to former USA EPA Tire2 and EU stage? engine emissions regulations.





    Hydraulic System

    Main Implement System-Maximum Flow (2x)
    205L/min (54gal/min)
    Max. Pressure-Equipmnet
    35000kPa (5076psi)
    Max. Pressure-Travel
    35000kPa (5076psi)
    Max. Pressure-Swing
    25000kPa (3626psi)
    Pilot System-Maximum Flow
    32.4L/min (8.6gal/min)
    Pilot System-Maximum Pressure
    3900 kPa (566psi)
    Boom Cylinder-Bore
    120mm (4.7 in)
    Boom Cylinder-Stroke
    1260mm (49.6 in)
    Stick Cylinder-Bore
    140mm (5.5 in)
    Stick Cylinder-Stroke
    1504mm (59.2 in)
    CB1 Family Bucket Cylinder-Bore
    120mm (4.7 in)
    CB1 Family Bucket Cylinder-Stroke
    1140mm (43.5 in)


















    Operating Weight-Std. Undercarriage
    20930kg (46140 lbs)
    Operating Weight-Long Undercarriage
    22270kg (49100 lbs)
    Reach boom, R2.9CB1 (9ft 6in) Stick, 1.0m3(1.3yd3) Bucket, 600mm(24in) Shoes
    Reach boom, R2.9CB1 (9ft 6in) Stick, 1.0m3(1.3yd3) Bucket, 800mm(24in) Shoes





    Standard w/Standard Undercarriage
    600mm (24in)
    Standard w/Long Undercarriage
    800mm (32in)

    Swing Mechanism

    Swing Speed
    Swing Torque
    62KN.M (45600 lb ft)


    Maximum Drawbar pull
    206KN (46310 lb)
    Maximum Travel Speed 
    5.7km/h (3.5mph)


    SAE J1026 APR90
    SAE J1356 FEB88

    Service Refill Capacities

    Fuel Tank Capacity
    410L (108gal)
    Cooling System
    25L (6.6gal)
    Engine Oil
    30L (8gal)
    Swing Drive
    8L (2.1gal)
    Final Drive (each)
    10L (2.6gal)
    Hydraulic System (including tank)
    260L (69gal)
    Hydraulic Tank
    120L (32gal)

    Dimensions (All dimensions are approximate)

    Boom Options

    Standard--5.7m (18'7")

    Stick Options

    R2.9B1 (9'7")

    R2.5B1 (8'2")

    Shipping height

    3050mm (10'0")

    3030mm (9'11")

    Shipping Length

    9460mm (31'0")

    9460mm (31'0")

    Tail swing radius

    2750mm (9'0")

    2750mm (9'0")


    Fixed Gauge

    Long Fixed Gauge

    Length to centers of rollers

    3265mm (10'9")

    3650mm (12'0")

    Track length

    4075mm (13'4")

    4455mm (14'7")

    Ground clearance

    450mm (1'6")

    450mm (1'6")

    Track gauge

    2200mm (7'3")

    2380mm (7'10")

    Shipping width

    2800mm (9'2")

    3180mm (10'5")

    Cab height

    2950mm (9'8")

    2950mm (9'8")

    Counterweight clearance

    1020mm (3'4")

    1020mm (3'4")

    Reach Excavator Working Ranges

    Boom Options

    Standard--5.7m (18'7")

    Stick Options

    R2.9B1 (9'7")

    R2.5B1 (8'2")

    Bucket Options

    1.0m3 GP

    1.2m3 HD

    Maximum digging depth

    6710mm (22'0")

    6290mm (20'7")

    Maximum reach at ground level

    9850mm (32'4")

    9450mm (31'0")

    Maximum cutting height

    9480mm (31'1")

    9280mm (30'4")

    Maximum loading height

    6500mm (21'4")

    6300mm (20'8")

    Minimum loading height

    2180mm (7'1")

    2600mm (8'6")

    Maximum depth cut for 2440mm (8') level bottom

    6540mm (21'5")

    6100mm (20'0")

    Maximum vertical wall digging depth

    6180mm (20'3")

    5760mm (18'10")

    Bucket digging force (ISO)

    125.7KN (28260 lb)

    125.9KN (28300 lb)

    Bucket digging force (SAE)

    140.1KN (31500 lb)

    140.4KN (31560 lb)

    Stick digging force (ISO)

    103.4KN (23250 lb)

    114.2KN (25670 lb)

    Stick digging force (SAE)

    106.4KN (23920 lb)

    117.9KN (26510 lb)