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FOTON FL957F Wheel Loader

    Catering to heavy working conditions like hard earth and stone work, or shoveling and high-intensity construction, FOTON LOVOL adopts advanced welding technology to manufacture FL957F.To strengthen the loader through newly designing and improving important structural parts like frame, boom and bucket. Meanwhile, FOTON LOVOL introduces YJ375 torque converter featuring reliable operation and convenient maintenance, as well as split-type fixed shaft power gear-shift gearbox. FL957F strengthened loader is the new version newly researched and manufactured by FOTON LOVOL, and it is suitable for various working conditions like iron ore and sand ore operation

    Main features:
    1. Equipped with Weichai WD615 power, Shangchai C6121 as optional FL957F;
    2. Split-type YJ375 torque converter and independent fixed shaft power gear-shift gearbox provide convenient maintenance and reliable performance;
    3. With insufficient supporting facilities in mineral regions, fuel injection pump is selected to provide convenient and fast-rate operation;
    4. Equipped with large stiffness frame, strengthened work equipments and large axle base chassis and heavy-load supporting transmission shaft, suitable for heavy-load operation like mineral exploration;
    5. Central articulated frame ensures that front/rear wheel's tracks are consistent, in order to reduce steering resistance and tyre friction;
    6. Dual-pump convergence hydraulic system ensures energy saving and high efficiency;
    7. The driver cabin is made of metal ceiling, and the windshield glass and head light are equipped with protection cover, which efficiently prevents gravel from hurting people;
    8. Optional tyre protection chains reduce injuries to tyres, which greatly improve operation safety;
    9. A/C and high-end vibration-reducing seat provide comfortable and safe operation environment.
    Parameter Items
    Parameter Value
    Operating weight(T)
    Rated bucket capacity (m3)
    Rated load (Kg)
    Engine power(Kw)
    Maximum dumping height (mm)
    Dumping reach (Max. Dump Clearance)(mm)
    Maximum traction force (kN)
    Maximum excavating force(kN)
    Minimum turning radius(mm)(bucket)
    Engine model
    Axle base(mm)
    Wheel base(mm)
    Cycle time(s)
    Raising time
    Total time
    Outer size(mm)