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XCMG XT873 Backhoe Loader

     Overall dimensions(L*W*H)
     Bucket capacity
     Rated lifting force
     Dumping clearance
     Dumping reach
     Break out force
     Max. digging force
     Digger capacity
     Max.digging depth
     Max. discharging height
     Max.digging radium
     Turning radius
     Rated load
     Wheel base
     Tread front wheel/rear wheel
     Rated power
     Operating weight


    Excavating Loader XT873 is a kind of multifunctional construction machinery with following advantages:XT873 backhoe loader is a kind of multi-functional engineering machinery involving both loading and excavating.It is the wheeled machine of the integral frame with side shifting in the digging device.reasonable and compact layout,beautiful shape,comfortable and convenient operation,small turning radius,good work capability,and higher cost performance.It is widely used in municipal administration,construction,oil field,water conservancy,forestry,military engineering,and other project constrution.Also it can work on excavating,shovel loading,carrying,leveling and so on,which makes flexible and efficient operation on exclusions of waste dumps and industrial waste in large and medium-size enterprises.It is a perfect machine to do variable works.