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Liugong CLG816 Wheel Loader

    Ultra-large comfortable safe cab space
    Ultra-large comfortable safe cab space with a panoramic visibility
    Dustproof,sound and shock absorption,heatproof plus ultraviolet radiation-proof
    Panoramic rearview mirror
    Professional-made and sofa driver seat
    Duriable and efficient guarantee
    Toughly tested rigid structure proves stable
    The bucket is designed and produced with stiffener board to prevent bending deflection.
    Integral-type board prevent scattering of material and guaranteed the most material loading quantity
    Outstanding Z zigzag linkage mechanism
    Powerful breakout force and lifting force means fast lifting and large loading.
    Large rollback angel provides steady material loading ability.
    Controls dump speed:lower dump speed guaranteed the safety of stevedore and linkage mechanism
    Type Two joysticks.Power shift
    Transmission Hydraulic torque-convertersingle turbo, three elements hydraulic torque-converter
    Gearbox Dead axle type power shift gears transmission
    Speed (Forward Gear 1) 0~9.9
    Speed (Forward Gear 2) 0~26
    Speed (Reverse Gear 1) 0~9.7
    Speed (Reverse Gear 2) 0~25.5

    Axles 4-wheels drive, front axle is fixed while rear axle is swayed. The swing angle is 11'.Any rear tire will not leave ground to provide the max.Traction force even if the amplitude is 150mm

    Parameters for Entire Loader
    Bucket Capacity 0.78 m3
    Rated Load 1600 kg
    Rated Power 47 kW
    Operating Weight 5300 300 kg

    Bucket control installment
    Raise and low manual shaft
    Action: Raise Hold Lower Float
    Dump manual shaft
    Action Front Dump Hold Back Dump

    Pins of working installment
    Pins of working installment Pins of boom,bucket and all linkage are sealed to prolong the service life of pins and pin bushed thus reduce the cost of maintenance

    Specification 16/70~20
    Layer 10

    Working hydraulic system
    System working pressure 17.5 MPa
    Boom cylinder-bore * stroke F80*605 mm
    Tilt cylinder-bore X stroke F100*407 mm
    Hydraulic cycle time - Raise 4.4 s
    Hydraulic cycle time - Dump 1.2 s
    Hydraulic cycle time - Lower(empty,float down) 3 s
    Hydraulic cycle time - Total 8.6 s

    Service brakes Single pipeline.gas to oil, four caliper disc
    Parking brakes Shoe type manual
    Emergency brakes Using parking brake,manual applied when emergencies occur.Power-cut-off function makes emergency brake more efficient,safe.

    Steering hydraulic system
    stype Articulated frame.Full hydraulic steering
    Steering angle(left and right respectively) 38 '
    Steering pump Gear pump(working pump also)
    Steering cylinder-bore * stroke F60mm*292 mm
    Flow 38 L/min
    Relief valve setting 14 MPa

    Capacity data
    Fuel tank 100 L
    Coolant system 27 L
    Crankcase 13 L
    Converter-transmission system 30 L
    Axles(differential gear and decelerator) -
    Front axle 8 L
    Rear axle 8 L
    Hydraulic system 90 L

    Electric system
    System 24 V
    Battery Two BA31750T
    Bulb 24 V
    Starting motor 24V DC

    Air conditioner
    Warm wind:working medium Cooling water of diesel engine
    Warm wind:heating capacity 5000k calories
    Cool wind Electric fan of 24V DC

    Diesel Engine -
    Max. Torque - r/min
    Fan Diameter (Air Exhaust) - mm
    Engine YTR4105G69 diesel engine.Water-cooled.4-stroke cycle, direct injection diesel engine
    Rated Power 47 kW
    Rated Speed 2400 r/min
    Bore * Stroke 4-F105mm*120 mm
    Max.net torque 220.7N.m 5%
    Fuel consumption per hour in rated power and speed <235 g/kW.h
    Engine Equipped with electrical fuel gauge and preserved dip-stick for oil-checking convenience.

    Overall Data
    Bucket Capacity 078 m3
    Rated Load 1600 kg
    Rated Power 47 kW
    Operating Weight 5300 300 kg
    Max. Breakout Force 62 5KN kN
    Max. Tractuon Force 42 5 kN
    Min.Turning radius - Turing radius outside bucket <4695 50 mm
    Min.Turning radius - Turing radius outside tires <4370 50 mm