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Liugong CLG816GIII Wheel Loader

    Brake System
    Service Brake Hyrdaulic actuated dry-disks on all four wheels
    Parking Brake Shoe-brake
    Emergency Brake Mechanical Hand Lever Control

    Capacity Data
    Fuel tank 26.4gal
    Cooling system 3.7gal
    Crankcase 2.7gal
    Transmission system 5.3gal
    Front axle 2.1gal
    Rear axle 2.1gal
    Hydraulic system 19.8gal

    Electric System
    System voltage 12V
    Battery Type G31CCA 660A
    Strarting Motor 12V

    Model Yanmar 4TNV98-ZPLYS
    Type Water-cooled.stroke cycle direct injection
    Rated Power 67.3hp @2400rpm
    Net power 64.1hp @2400rpm
    Max.torque 176lb-ft
    Displacement 201in³
    Tier rating EPA Tier III & Euro Stage III

    Overall Data
    Operating Weight 12346lb
    Bucket Capacity 1.0yd³
    Rated Load 3,527lb
    Breakout force 12544lb-ft
    Tipping load(Straight) 8768lb
    Tipping load (Full turn 38') 7419lb

    Parameters for Entire Loader
    Bucket Capacity 1.1yd³
    Rated Load 3,527lb
    Rated Power 67.3hp
    Operating Weight 12346lb

    Steering Hydraulic System
    Type Articulated frame. full hydraulic steering
    Steering angle(left and right respecrtively) 38'
    System flow 10gal/m
    Relief valve setting 2030psi

    Type 10 ply nylon bias ply tire
    Tire size 16/70-20

    Transmission System
    Type Counter shaft-type power shift
    Converter single phase, three elements
    Rear axle swing angle (total) 22'
    Travel Speed Forward (max) 15mph
    Travel Speed Reverse (max) 15mph

    Working Hydraulic System
    System working pressure 2610psi
    Working Pump Flow 23gal/m
    Hydraulic Cycle Time (total) 8.6s