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Liugong CLG856III Z-Bar Wheel Loader

    Advanced Technology
    High pressure common rail fuel-delivers high injection pressure for improved performance and fuel efficiency at every rpm.
    Full-authority electronic controls.
    High torque reserve of electronic engine(30%a high power).
    Semi automatic power shift gearbox and KD function for faster response time.
    High drive speeds with 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.
    Responsive and accurate hand control with a single joy stick with integrated KD function.
    Double-brake pedals simplify simultaneous driving and mechanical operations.
    Fast cycle times.
    Automatic load leveling system prevents spillage during lifting.
    Quick coupler enables faster changes of working devices (attachments).

    Reliability Vehicle has a strong flexible frame that will withstand load and torsion stresses in all manner of operating conditions.
    Key components from world class suppliers.
    Warranty and service programs available.

    Fuel efficient electronic engine.
    Torque converter is matched to the engine to ensure maximum power transfer.
    Hydraulics employ a dual_pump system and converging and self-unloading function to reduce enemy loss.
    Air pre-cleaner filter system improves overall engine efficiency in dusty conditions and lengths service life of  main air filter system.

    Differential Limited Slip on Front and Rear Axles
    Rear Axle Oscillation (each way) 14'

    Basic Data
    Bucket Capacity 4.5yd³
    Operating Weight 40680lb
    Breakout Force 35969lb-ft
    Tipping Load, Straight 34060lb
    Tipping Load, Full Turn 30000lb

    Brake System
    Service Brake Outboard muliple Wet Disks On All 4 Wheels
    Parking Brake Spring Applied, Electro-Hydraulic Released
    Emergency Brake Automatic or Manual Apply

    Fuel Tank 81.9gal
    Coolant 11.1gal
    Engine Oil 3.6gal
    Hydraulic System 64.7gal
    Transmission 11.9gal
    Differential and Final Drives (front and rear) 9.2gal

    Electrical System
    System Voltage 24V
    Alternator 70A
    Batteries 850CCA

    Model Cummins QSB 6.7
    Type 6-Cylinder, Turbocharged
    Rated Power @2200rpm 220hp
    Net Power @2200rpm 211hp
    Peak Net Power @2000rpm 221hp
    Peak Torque @1500rpm 700lb-ft
    Displacement 409in³
    Tier Rating EPA Tier III

    Hydraulic System
    Type Open Center, Pilot Operated
    Main Pump Type Vane Pump
    Total Pump Flow 90.8gal/min
    Relief Pressure 2901psi
    Pilot Pump Vane Pumppsi
    Pilot Pump Flow 10gal/min
    Pilot System Relief Pressure 508psi
    Hydraulic Cycle Time (total) 10.5s

    Parameters for Entire Loader
    Bucket Capacity 4.5yd³
    Rated Load -lb
    Rated Power 220hp
    Operating Weight 40680lb

    Steering System
    Type Articulated Frame Full Hydraulic Steering
    Steering Pump Vane Pump
    Relief Pressure 2321psi
    Flow 45.4gal/min
    Steering Angle 38'

    Tires 23.5R25 - L3

    Type Automatic 4F/3R Electronically Controlled
    Torque Converter Single-Stage, 3 Element
    Travel Speed Forward (max) 23.6mph
    Travel Speed Reverse (max) 14.9mph